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At Himmats we redefine the IGCSE experience, helping students reach high grades in record time. Our proven formula is designed to achieve exceptional results within 6 months.

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Program Benefits  

At Himmats, we recognize that each subject is a crucial building block for a student's overall success. Our mission is to provide a transformative educational experience that ensures every student succeeds.


Himmats takes pride in offering a cost-friendly solution for quality education. We believe that superiority should be accessible to all without financial hesitation.

Program Time

Our structured 3 to 6-month program is designed for efficiency, ensuring students make significant academic progress in a relatively short period.


Advanced Student and Parent Dashboard: Stay informed and engaged with our advanced student and parent dashboards, providing real-time insights into academic progress, assessments, and program details.


Online and accessible from anywhere Himmats breaks down geographical barriers by providing an online platform accessible from anywhere. Himmats held the courage to prove that education is no longer limited to a physical space.

Tailored Solutions

Recognizing that each student is unique, Himmats personalizes its programs to address individual strengths and challenges, encouraging a conducive learning environment.

Full subject Program

Full subject program: we cover a mix of subjects tailored to every child's target major specifications for the University

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Registration Process  

Step 1

Book A Free Trial

Parents/students can initiate the process by scheduling a trial  with our expert team.

Step 2

Assessment & tailored solution

Upon initiating contact, we conduct a thorough assessment to understand the student's needs, tailoring a solution that aligns with their unique learning profile.

Step 3

Receive Customized Schedule

After student assessment, the student's parents receive a customized schedule detailing the learning plan tailored for their child.

Step 4

Start Learning with us

With the schedule, students can embark on their academic journey, confident in the tailored approach designed to maximize their potential.

Hear from our
previous students experiences & grades  

Himmats Education has been everything I needed to prepare for my IGCSE exams. A few months before the exams, I felt lost and unsure of what the best approach to studying for the most important exams I had ever taken. Himmats Education was there to guide, support and encourage me along the way.
Florentina Maria Tudose
3A* & 3A
I personally enjoyed my time in Himmats Education. The syllabus was condensed in a way that was not too information heavy for me, and moreover I can't help but be amazed by how they managed to compress the entire syllabus of five IGCSE subjects in just three months!
Nurul Tasneem Binti Mohamed Raslan
Teachers here were very passionate and thorough with their material, they showed a deep understanding in their respective subjects and would spend a considerable amount of time to make sure students understood the material.
Ayman Adil
4A*, 1A
I was very well prepared for the IGCSEs. At first I thought that 3 months to prepare was way too little time but with the incredible help that I recieved, getting good grades was a breeze. I cannot thank the teaching team enough!
Karl-Kingston McLaren H. Dinson
"Himmats Space has, without a doubt, the most remarkable IGCSE teachers that I have ever had, not just on the professional level but on the personal side as well. They started the syllabus from scratch and guided me patiently and persistently through the IGCSE journey. They demonstrated exceptional ways of delivering complex concepts with clarity and amazing simplicity. They never ran short of addressing any questions I had. Their engaging lessons, supportive approach, and constant review of past papers contributed to a positive learning environment and filled me with confidence that excelling in my exams is very attainable. Prior to enrolling, I heard former students confirming that whoever joins consistently achieves high marks, which ,in view, reflects the teachers' amazing dedication and effective teaching methods. Now, after completing my exams and seeing the significant improvement in my academic performance, I know for a fact that I have made an excellent decision by joining their classes."
Mennah Sheref’s
6 A*  

Ahmed Khalid(Himmats Student)  

Ahmed Ibrahim(Himmats student)  

Parent Testimonial  

Budur Mohamed (Himmats Student)    

Course Prices

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1 Subject

USD 200/month

3 Subjects

USD 540/month

4 Subjects

USD 680/month

5 Subjects

Plus $150 for every extra subject
USD 800/month

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